Archaeological sites in Ogliastra

Nuragic sites in Sardinia

Ogliastra is a land rich in archaeological heritage, where it is possible to visit Nuragic sites and admire the many testimonies to the pre-Nuragic era. The main attractions are the Domus de Janas, caves excavated in the rock where, according to myth, the fates lived, the Tombs of the Giants, monumental constructions built to hold group graves, and the Menhirs, renowned stone megaliths.

The closest and most evocative Nuraghi are without doubt the Nuraghe Aleri in the municipality of Tertenia, made from red porphyry, the Bau and Tanca Nuraghe, built in the mountains in the municipality of Talana using granite, the Nuraghe di Serbissi, in Osini, surrounded by a true Nuragic village, the Nuraghe Sellersu in the locality of Barisardo, made from blocks of basalt, and the Nuraghe Santoru in the municipality of Lanusei.